A New Mountain Spa, Unlike Any Other

Last winter, La Bouitte added a new Spa – the Bela Vya: a spa to experience traditional Savoie well-being techniques inspired by nature.

To overcome the winter cold, there’s nothing like a hay treatment with mountain water and aromatic herbs. Like the Solant, drift away in this steam bath infused with hay from alpine pastures, and soothing mountain scents.

“Gazing out over a moonlit panorama of mountain peaks, experience a singular moment of well-being”

The spa includes new treatment rooms, a tea lounge, fitness area and sun lounge, as well as an aquatic area equipped with a swimming pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and a new unusual well-being area ‘The Marmot’s Den’. A den preferably for use by two people at a time, in a warm, humid atmosphere, similar to a steam room, where your body is coated in green clay boasting anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and absorbent properties. Unique in France, this treatment provides real benefits for the skin, helping to eliminate toxins, blemishes and impurities.

The gorgeous products, “MEILLEUR Nature” have been inspired by Rena and Maxime Meilleur’s passion for the natural riches of the Alps. The same alpine plants that add flavour to their cooking lend their active components and health benefits to beauty products.

Artisan perfumer Valerie Mallens, of L’Asinerie des Alpes, used extract of fireweed to create a full range of innovative and exclusive products and treatments for La Bouitte. Fireweed, a pinkish-purple flower which grows as high as 2500 m above sea level in the Belleville valley, offers numerous benefits: mattifying, astringent, lifting and firming.

Alpine Club guests are invited to visit the spa for treatments and massages – pre-booking required. For more information contact helen@thealpineclub.co.uk

For beautiful chalet holidays visit The Alpine Club

All photos courtesy of @M. Cellard

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