Behind the Scenes of St Martin – Meet Georgina Main, Massage & Beauty Therapist

Welcome to our ‘St Martin Uncovered’ series where we talk to some of the fantastic people who help make the charming Trois Vallées resort of St Martin de Belleville work. Here Georgie Main, of Georgie Main Massage and Beauty Therapy, chats about her work as a massage therapist around the Trois Vallées.


GMHow long have you been working in and around St Martin de Belleville? 

I originally set my company up in the UK, but this will be my third season working as a mobile massage and beauty therapist in the Alps – before that I freelanced on private yachts in the Mediterranean.

What brought you here?

I met my boyfriend in a bar in the Trois Vallées. He has been living and working here for 20 years, for a private transfer company. We both love the mountains so it made sense to set up my business here.

What do you love about the Trois Vallées?

It’s such a beautiful environment to work in. Many times when I have been driving, I have stopped by the side of the road to take in the stunning views. They really are breathtaking.  When I’m not working, I have access to the largest ski area in the world — bliss!

Where are you based?  

I’m based in Bozel which is a small village near to Courchevel. I cover most of the Trois Vallées including Courchevel, La Tania, Le Praz, Les Allues, Meribel, Les Menuires and St Martin de Belleville. It takes me about 45 minutes to reach St Martin.

What is your connection with The Alpine Club?

I met Helen who owns the Alpine Club through a third party. I’m their first call of port when their clients require a massage.Efleurage

In the height of the season, how many massages do you do a day? 

The maximum would be five hours of massaging in a day. After that I’ve usually run out of strength!

What is the most popular treatment/massage? 

The most popular massage I do is the deep tissue massage.

The length of time varies, depending on how many areas the clients want working on ( eg just back and legs) and how much body work they need. If it’s a fully body massage I would recommend they have 90 minutes. I charge 85€ per hour.

A deep tissue massage focuses on the deepest layers of muscle and tissue. It is beneficial for releasing chronic muscular tension, breaking down old scar tissue and adhesions and increasing flexibility and suppleness.

What are the benefits of a massage after skiing? 

Massage after skiing will help your muscles repair more quickly, reduce muscle fatigue and stiffness and help flush out lactic acid and toxin build-up, as well as generally help you wind down after an adrenaline-filled day and enable you to make the most of the mountain for the days following.

Do you ever get tired? products

Not really. I’ve got a lot of stamina and I limit the amount of treatments I do in a day to make sure I can give each client 100%.

Do you ever have massages yourself?  

I do, I like to practise what I preach.

Have you ever had any funny/weird requests eg to just massage toes? 

Luckily I haven’t had any strange requests……….yet!

Any famous clients? 

DH Massage Therapy Table RoomYes, but I couldn’t possibly divulge names (client confidentiality!). All I can say is that my clients have ranged from business magnates and models to a popstar and a famous actress! I have massaged quite a few famous people while I was on private yachts in the Mediterranean.

Do you mostly massage women or do men like it too?

I have an equal mix of male and female clients. I often receive feedback from my clientele that I apply just the right amount of pressure to suit them whether they are a 20 stone rugby player or a 7 stone petite lady — I adapt so each massage is tailor made.

Massages feel great, but do they really do you good? 

They absolutely do, everyone should have regular massages for general well-being. A massage can alleviate pain, loosen tight muscles, reduce anxiety, help you sleep, improve posture and improve suppleness as well as aiding circulation and lymphatic drainage. There are no negatives to having a massage!

If you would like to book Georgie for a massage or gorgeous beauty treatment you can email her on or call her on 0033 643572541

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