Le Montagnard – Beautiful food combining tradition and innovation


Building on their reputation, having been awarded the ‘Assiette Michelin’ in Winter 2015, the team at Le Montagnard, led by Stéphane Maio in the kitchen and Valentin Suchet, owner of Le Montagnard, in the restaurant, are ready for a new season full of food.jpgcreativity.

This year the menu offers new combinations of traditional Savoyard specialties with innovative touches, perfect for both lunch time skiers and evening dinner on the chalet night off. Never resting on their laurels, this winter Le Montagnard will benefit from the invaluable advice of Cédric Mouthon from Season 3 of Masterchef and chef from ‘ l’atelier 180′ in La Roche-sur-ForonCédric will bring a fresh pair of eyes to the work of Stéphane Maio’s team and the team will work on the presentation of dishes and new pastry recipes including le filet de Fera & écume de reblochon, chocolate soufflé.

The wine list has also been refreshed for the winter and Valentin is working with Vincent Rosset, a wine specialist for more than 20 years in the Chambery area. Together they will compose an innovative wine list to compliment the new cuisine.

Valentin invites you to enjoy the terrace with its magnificent view

A new terrace with space for 20 people is open at the Montagnard allowing clients to choose a table in the dining room or outside on the sunny terrace with stunning views of St Martin and the Belleville valley.  There will be cultural and musical entertainment.

Meet the winter rabbits14207752_1062826660480461_4011786964640960350_o.jpg

The new terrace has two soft, furry residents –  some winter rabbits.  They bring the former barn to life with their discrete presence, for the pleasure of young children, adults and the chefs who can dispose of their fruit and vegetable peel in an environmentally friendly way.

Visit Le Montagnard

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